How to recognize a natural parquet?

How to recognize a natural parquet? "Almost impossible!"  Stone sanded parquet Recognizing a good natural parquet is very difficult. Phenol and formaldehyde which are products proven harmful to humans and triggering cancer forms are not recognized, they are subtle, the product must be analyzed. The ...

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Oak? No, elm wood

Oak? No, elm wood Parquet in reclaimed Elm wood, similar to Oak This photo is an example of our studio to condition old wood found at the customer's home and made with high thermal and acoustic insulating power, with a drying period in our dryers and conditioning ...

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Use of wood for outdoors

Use of wood for outdoors Here is an example of how wood (not oak) of old wood type, suitably re-selected in the wood fiber, and conditioned in a workmanlike manner with a high temperature cycle and according to our method, in our dryers, can give ...

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