Why parquets?

Why parquets? Why choose a parquet, that is a wooden flooring? There are several reasons for choosing a woody material to be used as flooring. The main motivation, if we talk about purely practical reasons is isolation. Wood is one of the best thermal insulators. The parquet then ...

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Where to use the parquet

Where to use the parquet We often wonder if it is possible to use parquet in the bathroom or in the kitchen, or in the hall. We have a preconception about the use of parquet in certain environments and with defined solutions. Parquet is good in both classic and ...

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Why use wood?

Why use wood? Why use wood in our homes, offices or businesses, even on terraces and balconies? Wood is a noble, living material that makes every room unique and special. Modern or classic, chabby chic or luxurious, minimalist... each environment is made inimitable by the skilful use of wood ...

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Furniture with reclaimed wood

Furniture with reclaimed wood It's nice to have a piece of furniture with a piece of nature still attached to it. To have a clear conscience and make sure that that piece of furniture is made with reclaimed wood not torn from his life but recovered when it  - ...

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The cost of wood for parquet

The cost of wood for parquet It is always difficult to give a cost to a parquet because it is the result of many variations, processes, finishes and therefore in general does not have a precise cost. But let's try to define some indications of the cost of ...

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