The cost of wood for parquet

It is always difficult to give a cost to a parquet because it is the result of many variations, processes, finishes and therefore in general does not have a precise cost. But let’s try to define some indications of the cost of wooden parquet, and for the different types of wood.

The oak, in its declination for parquet it generally has 3 categories of thickness: 19 cm, 12 cm, 7 cm.

There is an important diffusion of oak for which the procurement of this woody essence which is easy to find means that different color experiments have been made on the oak itself. Today, importers are asking foreign manufacturers to produce oak. The origin, however, is doubtful and not certified and proven. On oak, the dyeing or coloring technology has been extensively tried and tested by the industry, and therefore has made it possible to offer oak in various colors and shades.

Similar to oak there are other woods such as chestnut, elm and walnut, cherry which have very precise but declinable colors. They too can offer a range of important colors therefore. Only by going to the producer directly can the consumer understand, see the differences firsthand, choose in a truly conscious way.

The cherry wood for example, with more reddish tones has a particular yield, a refraction of light very different from walnut. Each environment can therefore be customized with a different wood, which fits best. Choosing a sawmill is undoubtedly the best way to get to know the product: from the tree to the finished parquet – you can follow each production section. Only those who fully know wood and not only market it can recommend the best solution.

For example, our company also uses olive wood, dead standing, well dried. 

We bought that type of plant, with which to deal with difficulty (standing dead wood is complex to treat) parquet and solid wood furniture. The cost of such wood is certainly higher than 70 € / mq.

The resinous woods such as fir, pine, larch are the easiest to treat therefore have a low cost, but not necessarily a low quality. Pine, fir and larch belong to the family of resinous plants, for example and to name the most easily available on the market. The aesthetic aspect that gives the connotation to these types of wood is the frequent knotty. And for this reason alone, combined with the rapid growth of the tree, these types of wood have a low cost for the consumer. Less than 40 € / mq.

The only way to make the right choice is to rely on those who fully know wood.