Historicity and modernism

Brondello, the definition of ecological exclusivity in home furniture

Our company has been operating in the wood sector for generations, working with wood since 1929, and has been located in the same for more than 70 years to demonstrate professionalism and control of our “clean productions“.

The exhibition and the workshop are next to the sawmill precisely to show you our complete and ecological production process: recovery, rework, reuse.

Parquet a spina di pesce
Connubio vecchio legno e tessuti camera da letto
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Parquet a spina di pesce
Connubio vecchio legno e tessuti camera da letto
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Rivestimento parete legno antico effetto isolante
Parquet a spina di pesce in abitazione moderna

A mix of technology and tradition: Brondello, wood care for floors, wall coverings, furniture and accessories

For us, building and realising wooden works such as floors and walls is a daily challenge: finding the exclusive solution while respecting the material.


When our competitors saw us as buyers of “throwaway” wood, the principle of recycling and of what we normally tend to mistakenly discard and throw away was already alive in us. Our philosophy remained that of using old wood and turning it into quality wood.


We are at the service of the consumer with our experience, advice and points of view so that those who turn to us can find for themselves the most appropriate, most congenial aesthetic sensations that make them feel good.

A mix of quality for creations and works for your home world

Unique creations

Each of our creations is unique – call or contact us to find out together which one might be perfect for you.

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Square meters of wooden floors made on average in a year


The average working time of a parquet or wood floor – from “cooking” to sanitizing, stabilising, planing, reinforcing. To conclude with waxing and surface treatments. Finally, the installation in your rooms.


Our customized slats in solid wood, beech, walnut, oak.

Over the years it has been realised…

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