Furniture with reclaimed wood

It’s nice to have a piece of furniture with a piece of nature still attached to it. To have a clear conscience and make sure that that piece of furniture is made with reclaimed wood not torn from his life but recovered when it  – the piece of wood – it was finished by natural causes.

Having a piece of furniture made from a piece of wood to which we have given a new life is indescribable: it was not our need for objects, for consumerism that tore that piece from nature. But we gave it new life, new polish.

Fantastic wooden beds and bedrooms can be made. Place our comfortable cushion made with a smooth and perfect fabric, on an old recycled and reconditioned wood that has a natural material surface such as “a piece of old wood”, perhaps the same as that used for the parquet or that of our wall covering it makes an environment unique, it makes it elitist and at the same time very personal.

Having a wooden sideboard, made up of old planks, brings the modern kitchen to life under a more human aspect, more personal and less standardized. It can be made in contrast, or as a continuum of modern furniture in aseptic materials. It can be made in elm, beech or walnut. It can be made with more noble woods or with a simpler essence. Processing, drying and finishing will make the piece of furniture unique.

Old wood and recycled wood put next to technology present today in our homes, in the materials (concrete, linoleum, stoneware, steel, ceramic) can help to give aesthetic warmth to cold, flat environments, dense with technology but not very personal, standardized and dry.

A piece of furniture at the entrance of the house, even just a clothes hanger, is an accessory that strongly characterizes an environment, making it unique and inimitable. 

We have always built furniture, with recovered wood, with fresh wood from our zero km plantations and we are careful to create unique works tailored to the customer’s needs. We are experts in our field but we get advice from designers and architects, who always recommend cutting-edge solutions.

However, we always respect the wooden material, the only true protagonist of our work.