Our products

Our creations are characterized by the use of ancient and recycled woods, conditioned and cleaned in high-tech drying rooms. A unique aspect, which is not found in the wooden floors and furnishings offered by the international market.

Furthermore, the use of old reclaimed wood by those who want to be respectful of the environment is limiting the felling of trees that are giving oxygen to the air through chlorophyll photosynthesis.

Using recycled wood means recovering trees that have already been cut and saving new ones, thus allowing the release of more oxygen into the air and selecting the felling of trees, thus bringing the consumer to the use of wood thought to be “waste”, avoiding the felling of trees in an unmanaged and controlled way.

With almost a hundred years of experience we can say that recycled wood gives unique sensations compared to new wood.

The treatment to which the old wood is subjected makes it exactly like the new one, but more robust and with unique aesthetic characteristics far from the standards of the retail sector.

Old wood has a memory and releases the scent absorbed over time with authentic fragrances free of pollution.

Experience the sensations that a reclaimed wooden floor gives: imagine the story contained in this precious material, which has listened to speeches, emotions and sounds of other times.

A piece of nature,
in your home

  • Parquet is 100% natural
  • The wooden floor is fully recyclable
  • Using wood increases the energy efficiency of the house
  • Parquet and wood paneling reduce external noise
  • Our creations are the result of continuous research and study on wood treatment

Unique handmade creations
that your home keeps

We create unique parquet with large slats or small slats. We lay in a herringbone and French framework. We love our job and create products driven by passion, knowledge and technique.
Our job is to create floors in wood of the highest quality , recovering ancient wood and giving it modern life.

* Each of our floors is unique: designed, created and installed for each customer

Wood for Floors

The wood that becomes the floor is a work of art of nature

Wood for Coverings

Wood insulates and therefore optimizes energy consumption in living spaces.

Wood for Furniture

Nature is the best source of inspiration: observe it, touch it, smell it

Woods for Doors

Antique wood gives a special flavor to the doors of your home

And also…