Why parquets?

Why choose a parquet, that is a wooden flooring?

There are several reasons for choosing a woody material to be used as flooring.

The main motivation, if we talk about purely practical reasons is isolation. Wood is one of the best thermal insulators. The parquet then maintains heat and temperature in general, very well, be it cold – for example for very hot houses and apartments, in humid areas and high temperatures – be it cold, for Nordic environments, exposed to low temperatures temperatures.

The second reason is again ecologic but leans towards the ideal of using wood already used in the past or old wood to limit the felling of trees in an aggressive and unsustainable way. Forests and nature are a precious asset to be protected, and we are active in this sense. 

The third reason is the exclusivity of the wood look — its exterior beauty. It is no coincidence that more and more manufacturers try to imitate the effect of wood, its warmth, its texture and its finishes, even with other materials such as ceramic. Materials, however, then cold to the touch, absolutely not comparable to a piece of wood, a living material, created by nature and not by the hand of man.

With the use of old wood – perhaps our old wood, the one that has been conditioned and stabilized in our dryers – we have aesthetic and resulting aesthetic aspects that are unique and never reproducible.

Parquet in legno e pavimento in pietra

Wood and stone, a particular and unique combination for your home

The wooden floor is an exclusive product, which has non-standard forms and aspects. It therefore turns out that our floor is a unique piece of nature. To justify this assertion, we can associate the heterogeneity of the wooden matter that like humans there is no one alike: this characteristic is the basis of the fact that wood, whatever it may be, is not reproducible.

The parquet can be placed anywhere in the house, in any environment. With the current drying methods and according to a choice of wood, proven by years of experience of a professional, it is possible to obtain stabilized and conditioned woods for bathrooms and kitchens. Rooms, entrances and studies have always been paved with wood. Even in places with high traffic: shops, businesses, bars and clubs, precise techniques make wood the ideal candidate. There is no more difference today in resistance to foot traffic compared to other surfaces such as marble, stone, stoneware, porcelain and tiles in general..Indeed, the fake wood tile in autumn forces us to turn on the heating, while the wood keeps the warmth of the environment.

Soffitto legno antico

Antique wooden ceiling