Where to use the parquet

We often wonder if it is possible to use parquet in the bathroom or in the kitchen, or in the hall. We have a preconception about the use of parquet in certain environments and with defined solutions.

Parquet is good in both classic and modern environments.

Having a house with classic furnishings, rather than having a modern apartment, is indifferent: the wood for the flooring or commonly the parquet will enhance the environment, modern minimalism, making an aseptic environment warm. The parquet will soften the tones of a more classic, more charged environment, making it on a human scale.

It is important to choose shades, colors and finishes, and for this it is useful to contact a professional to help you. The man of today in our hemisphere with the rhythms he has, needs technological houses but therefore must fill the furniture and the environment with traditional concepts such as the furniture he has inherited or the floor made with the wood that is a natural element, a material of nature. Solid wood parquet represents more than anything else, for example in a child’s drawing an essential element to make us think of something simple, immortal, always valid – while technology breaks down, wears out.

Using a wooden base, a wooden parquet is like treating yourself to eternity.

A less subjective way and also less tied to architecture is to think of wood as technologically advanced also as regards the application in wall covering. Increasing the insulation of our home from the heat and cold outside or from the noises coming from the neighborhood can be an alternative or a complement to the tile, stone or other materials placed on the floor. Ultimately, parquet is now usable everywhere in our homes and buildings.