Wood flooring for outdoor use

Woods suitable for outdoors

Wood has always provided warmth and beauty to all kinds of interior spaces. Today it can also lend prestige to various outdoor spaces such as balconies, terraces, swimming pool edges, hotel and restaurant verandas, attics, garden walkways and public squares. This is why brondelloerminio wants to propose a wood that is ideal for outdoor floors, which will thus combine beauty and resistance and find a perfect place in housing construction.

The beauty of a wooden floor in the open air

For its outdoor floors, brondelloerminio uses solid wood planks, which it offers in the wood species of: Ipê Lapacho, various types of Oak and Oak, Bras Walnut, Teak wood of various origins and with the two possible colours to this particular botanical essence, Larch wood, bleached Spruce wood, Chestnut wood. These can be hardwoods, or simply economical and resistant to weather, wear and tear and signs of time.
Our company ensures an excellent price-quality-durability ratio, making the floors entirely of solid wood through careful selection of the raw material and firing and stabilisation of each piece to limit its deformation outdoors.


The support battens are also normally manufactured from the same wood as the floor strips. They have a thickness of 22 mm, a width of 60 mm and a length ranging from 800 to 1500 mm.The slats are laid in a floating manner, i.e. resting freely on the surfaces to be covered.
Stability is ensured by the combination of the mallet-bar, even without any special preparation of the substrate. It is sufficient to lay them on any flat or sloping surface or on coarse-grained gravel substrates. The spacing between the supports is approx. 40 cm and does not require any special anchoring of the wood to the substrate.



The planks must be mounted parallel to each other, and may also be 5 mm apart. There are two fixing options: one with visible screws and the other with plates, which we have manufactured in marine stainless steel. The plates are screwed into the planks to form a “ship’s deck” assembly, so that the outdoor floor looks natural and harmonious, without visible fixing screws and with a “solution of continuity” of the wooden floors that may be laid indoors.

The planks

The widths of the outdoor wooden slats can be from 80 mm to 190 mm, the lengths vary from 800 mm to 3100 mm. The visible part, the traffic part, can be made with different non-slip profiles, making it pleasant to walk on, even barefoot. The thickness of the flooring (22 mm) has the characteristic of withstanding even high loads and stresses. The planks, on the long side, have a double interlocking feature that serves, if necessary, to place the fixing plates on the supporting mats.

Finishing and maintenance

The choice of the strongest woods allows maintenance to be kept to a minimum. The floorboards are supplied untreated, pre-impregnated, with a light finishing coat (they can be simply washed with water).To emphasise the grain of the wood, we supply maintenance liquids and wood brighteners; these are products that, applied to the floor itself, with a roller or brush, protect it from insect attack and make it water-repellent.