Care and cleaning of our parquet.

Our wooden floor periodically needs not only to be cleaned, but also to be taken care of, or rather, “nourished”¬†because a parquet is something alive, warm, in short, it has a “soul”.

What products to use?

over the years our company has perfected three main product lines:

  • CLEAN PARQUET: for daily cleaning, it is a non-aggressive but effective product, to be spread evenly.
  • WAX
Piano cucina in legno

Solid wood kitchen top

A properly cared for wooden floor can only be a

How often should we take care of our wooden floor?

First of all it is very important to treat our parquet at least once a month with WAX. A second step is the application of REVIVING, which is recommended at least three times a year. (It depends a lot on how much it is subjected to foot traffic and if it has direct sunlight).

What tools to use for proper parquet care?

for daily cleaning we can use, for example, a soft cloth. In fact, the aim is to clean our wooden floor, without running the risk of scratching it. To spread the wax it is certainly recommended to use a single brush polisher. Our company has been collaborating with the ISC for years, more details by clicking here.

A properly cared for wooden floor can only be a“nice floor in wood” which will highlight our entire setting.