Use of wood for outdoors

Here is an example of how wood (not oak) of old wood type, suitably re-selected in the wood fiber, and conditioned in a workmanlike manner with a high temperature cycle and according to our method, in our dryers, can give an energy upgrade and therefore improve the thermal insulation with a simple external coating that also acts as an aesthetic embellishment of a terrace. In this case we started by sawing boards found in an old timber warehouse that had been discarded over time because they were not homogeneous in width and color: by studying the wood technology, our collaborators learned to enhance, correct with drying and choice of wooden boards, the aesthetic aspect of the wood itself to be used outdoors: the result is that inside you have normal ambient temperatures, without having to condition the environment – which consumes energy and therefore costs!

A drying, a conditioning specially designed and created for woods to be used outdoors, which allows you to have an excellent result under the insulating aspect, perfect under the aesthetic aspect: a wooden base and a wall.

It would be a mistake to propose dried wood in the same way or with the same method for both outdoor and indoor use. The stresses to external agents are very different from internal ones, in the various changes of the house and the seasons of the same. The computerized program of the sinusoidal cycle of the trend of the drying conditioning must be different! Only those who have always studied, tried and worked on wood know these techniques and know how to give advice and the ideal solution.

The wood essence recovered here was a hardwood – Fraxinus Excelsa, Ash tree – similar to oak in appearance and in the fiber of the wood itself.

Ash wood, only if conditioned after a specific study on the “wood lot” considered, can give greater resistance over time, to atmospheric agents – to which an outdoor wood is subjected – and can react without movement to thermal and hygrometric changes such as , due to the climatic changes of the seasons, today even places near the sea suffer.